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Lift.Kitchen is the future of consumer blockchain products. An organization focused on creating products that improve the human experience, powered by blockchain, and controlled by a decentralized autonomous organization.

How It Works

2021 FUND

25 individuals came together and jointly contributed ~20 BTC to initially fund the product development of several unique consumer friendly digital experiences that will enable the mass consumer market to better educate, discover, and analyze crypto currencies and related opportunities.


In 2021, we will be launch the beta of 3 if not 4 different digital experiences.  MyCryptoRobo, CryptoKlout, WalletExplorer and potentially QuickLend.  Each of these experiences brings a unique differentiator to the decentralized finance (defi) and broader crypto mass markets.

2022 PLANS

With products launched in 2021, we plan on reopening the opportunity to fund the LIFT.Kitchen fund in early 2022.  If you are interested please join our discord and engage in the community.  We will make sure you are well aware of how we are progressing, when we are accepting new investors, and how we are succeeding.

Traditional Investor SPE

In order to provide access to non-crypto native investors, we’ve established a special purpose entity (SPE) that provides membership interest in an LLC and handles all coin mechanics on behalf of the traditional investor.

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