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We invest in ventures that leverage blockchain, smart contracts, crypto currency, and other related technologies to produce value and return to investors and improve the human experience.

Active Incubator Investments

Founding Sponsor: Alex (RoboCore Systems)
Current Status: Final QA
Investment from IdeaFund: $15k
Expected Exit Date: 10/1/2021
Exit Deal:
TBD (MCR) is a consumer facing portal experience that helps entry-level crypto investors learn the basic, self profile, and start investing in Crypto assets. In addition, users can create an Alpaca account and trade traditional assets on the US equity markets, we well as use tools to build automated trading models. Finally, users can add Custom Assets so they can see a “total net worth” calculation across all their accounts. At the same time, MCR will be provided as a freemium tool to financial advisors so they can support clients that are looking for a good crypto asset investment tool.

Founding Sponsor: Chris
Current Status: User Story Creation
Investment from IdeaFund: 15k
Expected Exit Date: 12/15/2021
Exit Deal:

CryptoKlout (CK) is an education and discovery platform that will allow target the mass market consumer with user friendly education and tools.

CryptoKlout – Central point to the LIFT ecosystem related to the learning, discovery and analysis of crypto tokens and protocols for the mainstream consumer.


Mainstream consumer – I always refer to this person as “my dad” – 65 years old, long term sophisticated stock investor.  But this persona is more than that.  It is the stay at home spouse responsible for the household financials, it is the single parent with minimal amounts to invest.  Regardless it is an audience that is currently intimated by the Exchanges, DEXes, Private Wallets, etc…

Crypto Enthusiast – Already a regular investing in a wild variety of protocols, upcoming tokens, IDOs, meme coins.  Comfortable with navigating the ecosystem but is looking for tools that give a different approach to discovery and analysis, wants to contribute content to support the growth of crypto/blockchain by helping advocate and educating.

Protocol/Token creators – Has a great concept, built all the right tools, needs support in building a community, becoming credible, getting audited, and getting listed.  Wants to provide education content related to their platform, promote a new whitepaper not on medium, aggregate all the information about their protocol in a single discovery platform.

There are a number of other ideas in discussion in our Discord community, but none that have begun the IPF process yet. 

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